As our motto signifies “CHRIST IN THE MUSIC” ; our vision is to try as much as we can and with the help of the holy spirit; to extend the message of christ Via Music
Since we cannot do this alone; we request for all the gospel artistes who share the same passion as we do to kindly submit their tracks(songs) to be uploaded on this site. In as much as we focus on promoting the Artistes worldwide, we try as much as we can to keep the balance in making sure that God takes back the glory. Meanwhile; we are trusting that as God will help us; we would be celebrating the 3 most downloaded songs on this website yearly and the top 10 downloads weekly

The songs with the highest number of downloads from this website at the end of every week would be celebrated in ways such as airing of the songs on our proposed weekly radio program on various also the songs would be broadcasted as the top 10 exclusive uploads of the week on our website and facebook page(note that it doesn’t mean other songs are bad; it only means you need to invite more people to come and download your songs as we help you do same).
In addition, it also qualifies the best 3 songs as nominated songs for our proposed yearly awards which comes up at the end of every year.It is not a game which is our reason for not showing our viewers the number of persons downloading songs on this website, meanwhile, you can always ask for the details concerning your song via CONTACT US.
Note that our reasons for the above is not to encourage pride; enimity among gospel artistes or fame(as it is common with the secular world); but to stimulate ; motivate and encourage the upcoming gifts/talents in the vineyard of the Lord and also to try as much as we can to give God the kind of worship and praises he deserves through music.

From the weekly best 3 songs; we would list out our nominated songs and post them for people to choose their favourite. It will come in the format below:
A. All First best weekly downloads
B. All Second best weekly downloads
C. All Third best weekly downloads
We still emphasies that the term “best” is not used to mean that other songs are not good but because someone has to be choosen.
The annual event will be accompanied by a 3 day concert where our first 15 artistes would be ministering in songs (5 artistes per day).

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