LYRICS: Lecrae~ Illuminate

Illuminate LyricsHook:
Open your eyes /
You’ll see the light that burns inside /
Is bright as the sky /
It could light up the night /
‘Cause you were born to illuminate
Light em up (11x)
Verse 1:
You can find me on the west side, do or die, suicide /
Foot on gas, you and I are witnessin’ the power of the unified /
You decide, you a liar if denyin’ who’s survivors /
Who’s the riders, the crew behind us /
Y’all still on that truth today, we gon’ true to die /
You can crucify us /
We gon’ fight until our time is over /
We can’t stop, can’t take no photos /
Out here rollin’, road to glory, homie /
Man, they can’t stop us, they can’t beat us /
We undefeated every time we meet up /
Put your lighters high so everyone can see ya /
When it’s heatin’ up you know it’s winning season
Verse 2:
I used to wonder what I live for /
Till I found out what I was here for /
I found a reason I’m alive /
I’m only here to help the people turn they lights on /
Ain’t no sense in lookin’ back, ain’t no sense in lookin’ back /
Born an original, can’t nobody copy that /
Ain’t nobody stoppin’ that /
I see your light, your Edison is evident /
And you been shinin’ ever since /
Don’t ever flinch, ’cause your element is excellence /
And everything else is irrelevant /
What’s your contribution to the world when you stagnant /
You feel that mission in your stomach, you sittin’ absent /
Why you lookin’ in the branches for what’s found in roots /
If you ain’t workin’ in them trenches, why you buy them boots? /
Spotlight, limelight, it ain’t light work, it’s hard work /
The way the lights work is you grind hard in them dark times and let the Light work /
High life ain’t the highlight since the hustle that’s behind it /
Get your mind right when you struggle through the dark you shinin’ brightest


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