NEW MUSIC:Pamela Waters| @powerhousepamw~Praise Your Blues Away

PYBAWATERScoverARTHey you ready to have a holy ghost party in the name of Jesus? Well look no further. Powerhouse Pam Waters has delivered the ultimate celebration song, Praise Your Blues Away. In her own words, “I want people to know that Christians can have fun, enjoy life, and praise God too. The word says David danced and God was pleased”. Powerhouse Pam Waters the youngest of three children to Richard and Joyce Waters was a shy singer but began singing publicly in the high school gospel choir. She knew then that she would be used by God to bring souls to the Kingdom through music. The single mother of three is living proof that God can use you at anytime, at any age, and any way he chooses. It’s up to you to answer the call. Here’s the singer-songwriter’s debut gospel single Praise Your Blues Away. A beat dropping, thought provoking lyrical song reminding us all how to use the Word as your weapon and allow the Lord to win your battles.

the song is Written and arranged by:Pamela Waters, Mixed, mastered, and Produced by Ollen “Tricky Rick Hopkins(Hazmat Production/Uptown Royalty Studio)



Powerhouse Pam Waters is a new gospel artists from the DMV area on the Uptown Royalty label.  She began singing in the high school Gospel choir, writing and singing songs in her twenties but didn’t start singing for the Lord completely until she turned forty.  Powerhouse served as a praise team leader for 5 years at Christian Tabernacle Church of God in Washington, DC.  She’s a prime example that it’s never too late for God to use you to fulfill his purpose.  Pam cohosted on the Save Our Souls gospel radio show and also sang background vocals for another DMV legend Kimise Songbird Lee.  Pam’s debut single entitled “Praise Your Blues Away” will be released on Itunes on February 27th, 2015.  This upbeat gospel song with a message is for those who like to dance like David danced.  “I just want people to be able to celebrate, dance, have fun, but still receive a positive message whether it’s at church, a skating ring, concert, or family picnic”.  She loves the LORD whole heartedly and is walking in her destiny of GOD’s will over her life.


twitter:  @powerhousepamw
facebook: powerhouse pam waters


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