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Q82 E and E. the organizers of KADUNA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS is happy to finally put your waiting to an end as they are here to announce the categories for the 2nd edition of Kaduna most prestigious and celebrated award,Kaduna entertainment awards (K.E.A)

The first edition which took place on the 26th of may 2014 gave a platform to show people what K.E.A is out to do, Kaduna as a state helped the Nigerian music and entertainment industry as a whole to turn in some of the best talents who are now bankable and enjoying all that fame has to bring on their way, here we are once again to celebrate and recognize the entertainers, ranging from music,movies,blogging,Radio,Tv etc,this is usually done yearly just to show the talented acts that the fans and general public watches and Appreciate them,

according to K.E.A’s C.E.O, KELVIN EBONY AYOK ADAMS(KEA ADAMS) “The award this year will come differently from the first edition as we have 3 stages and they are as follows,

1.NOMINATION SUBMISIONS, this is the stage where the players have a chance to submit their materials which are subject to be reviewed by the external auditors from all units of entertainment industry as they will check out and go through every submitted material from all categories and have them streamed to a sizeable number as we will be working with quality only, we will accept materials that have been released from the day of the last award to this day Sunday july  5th 2015, materials should be submitted in these format, NAME,CATEGORY,MOBILE NUMBER and EMAIL to

2 .NOMINATION SHOW, this is the second stage of the events when all Nominees will be made known,it will be a night of bliss, fun and jubilation as the best from all the submitted materials will be put in the proper category and set the floor for the voting, submission of material will last for 3 weeks which ends July 26th 2015 while voting will last for a period of 3 weeks on a platform that will be made known on the day of nomination show

3.THE AWARD NIGHT, at this stage all is now set for the artistes and fans to know who is(are) the winner(s) so keep refreshing for info


  1. Artiste are advised to submit their best of the best as fans will play a greater part in selecting the winners.
  2. Only acts from Kaduna, base in Kaduna,started from kaduna,Rep kaduna or  from Kaduna based in any part of the world can be accepted.
  3. Submission of materials does not mean automatic nomination.

feel free to contact us  via

@kadunaentawards on twitter on facebook

08028919481 on whatsapp


  • Best R&B Artist
  • Best Rap Artist
  • Best Pop Artist
  • Best street Pop artist
  • Artiste of the Year
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best DJ
  • Best indegenious
  • Next Rated
  • Kea Revulusion
  • Best Gospel artiste
  • Producer of the Year
  • Best Music Video (Director)
  • Best entertainment blog
  • OAP of the Year
  • Entertainment Personality of the year
  • Best Comedian
  • Best Actor of the Year
  • Best Actress of the Year
  • Best Film of the Year (producer)
  • Best Film Director of the Year
  • Best Music Station(satellite)
  • Best Events company
  • Best radio station
  • Best tv station

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