NEWS!!!… Nathaniel Bassey TALKS AGAINST Ethnicity/Tribalism, talks about where he really comes from…


Oh, so you thought Nathaniel Bassey is from Cross River or Akwa Ibom so you can vibe with him in that line? Here, Mr. Bassey comes clean and squashes ethnic sentiments as he talks about ZION and our Godly heritage.
 He is one of the revered gospel voices in Nigeria and one astounding thing about him is his consciousness of God. This reflects in his music, ministrations and even his regular day-to-day activities. This is a first guest post from him and we promise to bring more of it from time to time.
Ethnic/tribal sentiments gives way for a divine heritage the moment we become one with God through Jesus Christ. He throws light on this….


By Nathaniel Bassey

It’s interesting how christians still hold on to ethnic ties, bonds and sentiments; making so much force about being ‘Igbo, yoruba, calabar, ibibio ijaw, ishekiri, hausa, benin etc.

Many times when I go out, some believers walk up to me, introducing themselves as calabar and ibibio, knowing I hail from that part of the country, in a bit to intensify the rapport between us. They go further by speaking the language and I humbly respond accordingly.
However, I smile within, because by my mind has been renewed by God’s grace. My spiritual affinity and lineage over-rides any other tie. My Zion and Heavenly citizenship supersedes any tribal or ethnic affinity of this world. Hence, you don’t have to be calabar or ibibio to truly connect with me. So long as you are saved, blood washed and possess a heavenly DNA, with the blood of Jesus flowing through your spiritual veins, WE ARE FAMILY. In fact, I find most times that my spiritual connections are stronger than those of my earthly blood connections.

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