NEW MUSIC ::: PhrekySax – Teach Me ~ @SaxyPhreky


Here is a brand new song from an exceptional gospel artiste known as PhrekySax. The sax in his name is not just a fancy addition but actually denotes the fact that he plays the sax with dexterity. Before the release of his current single titled ‘Teach Me’, Phreky mentioned that some friends had told him that he should release a particular single they liked instead of ‘Teach Me’ because they said it’d make him known faster but that it had been laid in his heart to put out Teach Me first so he would rather obey God’s directive than try to be popular.
According to Phreky;
” This song was inspired by the Holy Spirit from some key verses in Psalm .119, and is a sincere, heartfelt prayer of anyone who truly desires to love, trust and obey God and think, talk, live and act like God. It is delivered with extreme precision. It has simple lyrics, a catchy melody and a sweet mid-tempo groove to it.”…….
So, here it is…the very song God laid in his heart as his debut release. It is quite an enjoyable tune and you wont fail to enjoy the part he churned some sax renditions on it. Download, enjoy and share this fresh gospel tune……DOWNLOAD

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